Issue Box Dev Diary #2

Spent yesterday and today setting up the initial UI storyboards, Json mapping structures and lots (and lots) of test cases.

I’ve got the point where you can navigate through to the accounts settings screen and add a new Bitbucket account into the system, with a popup web view to prompt for the user authroisation, ready to starting pulling in the repositories and issues through.

Adding a Bitbucket account

Issue Box Dev Diary #1

I started work on a new iOS today I’m calling Issue Box as a working title, it may change before release. It’s designed to allow you to manage software issues logged across projects in Bitbucket, Github and Jira.

Not much to see at the much to see at the moment. Today I’ve been working on getting OAuth support for Bitbucket (as that’s the service I use) and initial data storage layouts for account details.

I’ll post more details and some screenshots as things start to come together.

Found down the back of the sofa. Dead Media.

4MB Memory Stick

Tesla has opened the order books for the Model 3 in the UK.

Multiple window support coming to iPad in iOS 13?

Robotic Bees Arrive at the ISS

Let's Encrypt Certificates

The Let’s Encrypt project generates free SSL Certificates for websites to allow encrypted traffic between the web server and browser. The current batch of browsers are highlighting unencrypted (non-HTTPS) sites as a possible security risk so setting up the certificates stops the site being flagged unnecessarily.

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New Reminder Using JXA

Here is a quick code snippet for creating new Reminders in a specific list using JavaScript for Automation (JXA) in macOS.

var reminders = Application("Reminders");
var newReminder = reminders.Reminder({ name: "Title for reminder", body: "Notes for the reminder"});
reminders.lists.byName("List Name").reminders.push(newReminder);

Adding Custom Import File Types

I needed to import an OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) file from with-in an iOS app. The OPML format is a XML format used for storing outlines but is also commonly used to share lists of subscriptions between RSS feed readers and podcast players.

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iPad Pro 12.9" Unboxing

My new iPad Pro 12.9” just arrived along with the new Keyboard Folio case, so here are a few pictures of them in their boxes. I’ll post some side-by-side shots with the old one, along with some first impressions once I’ve had a chance to set it up and play with it for a bit.

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