Vapor SQLite Build Error

I’ve been playing around with Vapor for server side swift development. Having installed Swift on a Raspberry Pi and followed the Getting Started guide to install Vapor and great a basic project, with SQLite support, I got the following compile errors running swift run.

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Swift on Ubuntu Server 18.04 & 20.04 LTS

I setup a Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS VM earlier and this is why. I have some Swift code I want to try running on an Amazon Web Server and needed a playground to get it running.

The Swift Download page has a set of instructions on installing Swift on a Ubuntu install so we’ll run through these.

Updated 27th April 2020: A few days after writing this post Ubuntu released 20.04 LTS. I’ve gone through these instructions in a Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS VM, and other than a couple of extra dependancies (see below) the install process is the same.

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