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New AirPods on the Horizon

It looks line new AirPods could near to being released. According to reports two new models of AirPods have been certified by the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) which they need to have before being released.

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watchOS 5.1.1 Update Available

Apple have release watchOS 5.1.1 update after pulling the watchOS 5.1 update released last week due to some Series 4 appleWatches were bricked whilst installing the update. I think I’ll still wait until tomorrow to update mine just in case.


Live Listening with AirPods and iOS 12

MacRumors have an article on how to setup Live Listen with AirPods. Live Listen has been in iOS since 2014 and allows your iOS device to be used as microphone for compatible hearing aids but with iOS 12 the feature works with AirPods as well.

Whilst this might not seem that useful if you’re not hard of hearing, but as long as your AirPods are connected to your iPhone you can listening in to whatever is going on where your iPhone is.

Heavy Lifting Tiny Drones

These tiny drones can lift 40 times their own weight and open doors.

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